About Us

Chang Pharm is an affiliated company of Thai Beverage Plc. ThaiBev was established in 2003 to consolidate a number of leading spirits and beer businesses in Thailand belonging to our founding shareholders and other investors. In 2006, we registered ThaiBev’s listing on the Singapore Exchange (“SGX”), and subsequently expanded to the non-alcoholic beverage and food sectors to diversify our product portfolio, enhance logistics efficiency, and mitigate business risks. Today, ThaiBev is not only Thailand’s leading beverage producer, but also one of Asia’s largest beverage producers. Our business consists of four segments – spirits, beer, non-alcoholic beverage, and food.


Why to choose us

Chang Pharm adopted the experience and the technologies, gained throughout the years by ThaiBev. Chang Pharm aims at making drugs and medicine as efficient and affordable as possible. At Chang Pharm we have a commitment to make the world a better place for everyone. Especially for those, whose health prevents them from enjoying life full-scale. There is a chance for everyone. There is Chang for all.